May 26, 2020

Outlook Express Unable to Receive Mail Error (0x800c0133)

If you encounter problems with receiving emails when using Outlook Express, then it is more likely that the database file storing email messages is corrupted. The error message usually mentions error number 0X800c0133 and refers it as an unknown error. Usually, this has nothing to do with your network connection or email account login credential.

How to fix 0x800c0133 error and resume receiving emails:

Follow the following steps to repair this error:

1. Create a Temp Folder

Launch Outlook Express, on the left pane, right-click "Local Folders", select "New Folder...", and call your new folder "Old-Inbox".

2. Move Inbox Items to Old-Inbox

Move all emails in the "Inbox" folder to "Old-Inbox". If you have a large number of emails in your current Inbox, then instead of moving the entire list of email, you can move a small batch of emails at a time to avoid freezing or locking up your computer.

3. Find where Inbox is Stored

Every folder in Outlook Express is stored in a file with the extension of .DBX. To to the "Tools" menu and click "Option". Underneath the "Maintenance" tab, click the "Store Folder" button. This will show you the folder location at where the database file for the original Inbox is stored. Copy the entire string of this location.

4. Delete the Old Inbox Database

Exit Outlook Express and open Windows Explorer. Type the copied string to the address bar of Windows Explorer and hit "Enter". Locate a file named Inbox.DBX in the target folder. Since you have backed up all items in the original Inbox folder (to "Old-Inbox"), it is safe to delete the Inbox.dbx folder. Go ahead deleting Inbox.DBX.

5. Relaunch Outlook Express

At this point, Outlook Express creates a brand new Index.DBX with no emails in it. Now you can choose to restore your Inbox by moving back items stored in folder "Old-Inbox". But be aware that it is always better to keep your Inbox lean-n-mean by moving or deleting old email entries.

6. Try "Send & Receive" again

Now, your problem should be resolved and thus click the "Send & Receive" button to test if you can receive email again.

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