May 26, 2020

Windows Installer Error 1721

Computer technology and its extensive usage at home and for work calls for the application of know how. However, there are a number of minute details that are best left to the software and hardware professionals. The Windows system is a sophisticated one and not something that is open to the trial and error pursuits of individual users. The generated error codes are the display of some kind of faulty application that hampers the system. There are a whole range of these error codes and they go in numbers.

Windows Installer Error code 1721:

It is important to understand that they could be indicative of anything from faults in specific software and incorrect user input to programming languages errors and those within exception handling. The Windows Installer Error code 1721 is one such show of error that could pop up on your computer screen. This is one code that will take more than exception handling and return codes. It is essential to separate this error handling code from logic to make the program easier to understand. In Windows Vista, Windows Installer Error code 1721 shows up when attempting to install a program while using an executable file (setup) within the Windows Installer Package.

This is specially seen when the .msi extension, is in use. The occurrence is highlighted as the integrated dialog box pops up to display the error message. Windows Installer Error code 1721 is a common occurrence when an attempt is being made to uninstall a software program. This is mostly so when using msiexec.exe to establish contact with the installer. In the case of Error 1721, the problem is with the Windows Installer package. It mainly surfaces when a program for install fails to run. The instant remedy that many seek is establishing contact with the support or package vendor, but there is more to Windows Installer Error code 1721 than what meets the eye.

Handling and rectifying Error 1721:

The error is a distinct one and will call for a specialist approach. It affects the Windows Installer Package in Windows Vista mainly due to a fault in the custom actions set with missing permissions. The implications also involve custom actions scheduled for deferred and immediate execution and Visual Studio actions that run as they impersonate installing user. In the latter, the setback sets in while the command runs with standard user privilege instead of the elevated administrator privilege. Windows Vista is a sophisticated package and Windows Installer Error code 1721 is going to need more than a return command.

The error code also shows up to indicate the lack of setting of msidbCustomActionTypeNoImpersonate.  Windows Vista is designed to prompt privilege elevation but sometimes only custom actions running in the Local System get elevated in the correct manner. At these times I is noted that custom actions impersonate and display as the current user.  Windows Installer Error code 1721 is seen only or rather mostly on the older versions of setup installer since they are engineered to install or uninstall programs designed for the earlier versions of Windows - XP, 2000, Me and 9x.

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